December 8, 2009

The Ugly Truth

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I saw that movie recently. It really doesn’t get any better.


December 1, 2009


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I love Nutella. It’s Europe’s peanut butter. This thing is so good you can put in on a piece of cardboard and it will still taste amazing. That’s the reason I don’t buy it anymore. I usually finish an entire jar in very little time.

Do you guys like it? Have you ever tried it?


November 30, 2009

Saint Nicholas Day

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Saint Nicholas Day is a very important celebration in Belgium. Kids receive presents and candy and college students throw parties on that day. I always received more presents on Saint Nicholas Day than I did at Christmas.

I really love Saint Nicholas Day. Even today, my mom gives my brother and I candy (mainly chocolate). I don’t get presents anymore but it’s okay, I still get the chocolate.

Facts :

1) Celebrated on the December 6th (Sunday this year)

2) The night before kids leave a plate on the table to receive the candy and presents. They also leave something to eat for Saint Nicholas. Often, the donkey(Saint Nicholas’ mean of transportation) gets a carrot.

3) Santa Claus was inspired from Saint Nicholas.

4) Saint Nicholas often visits schools and clubs (sports and activities) and give out candy.

5) Many kids get pictures with Saint Nicholas.



November 28, 2009


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I saw this movie a few months ago and I really liked it. Here’s the trailer. What do you guys think?

November 26, 2009

Old lady hits a car

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pretty funny video

November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving break

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Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow after school! I’m really exicted for that because I really need a break right now. Plus, Thanksgiving is fun, even though it doesn’t exist in Belgium. I happy to have a few days to relax. I will go down to Dallas for a couple of days to shop and visit. That’ll be fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!






November 21, 2009

Can I have yo number?

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This video is hilarious!!!

November 18, 2009

New moon

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Synopsis (from

Bella is still living in rainy Forks, Washington with her dad, Charlie. She just spent a dreamy summer with her vampire love, Edward, and now it’s time to go back to school. She also just turned eighteen – a painful reminder that her human clock is ticking while Edward will stay young and handsome forever. To Bella’s major distress, Edward still refuses to turn her into a vampire.

When the Cullens (Edward’s vampire family) throw a birthday party for Bella at their house, clumsy Bella gets a paper cut while unwrapping one of her presents, and spills a little blood. Jasper Cullen, still struggling with his family’s no-human diet, loses control and attacks Bella. Edward fights him off but, in the process, the boys wreck the house and leave Bella with a gushing wound on her arm. Everyone except for the head of the family, Carlisle Cullen, and Edward, hurries out with pinched noses to escape the tempting smell of Bella’s blood.

Thanks to Carlisle’s profession as a doctor for the past 300 some years, he’s immune to the lure of human blood. As he stays with Bella, she complains that if Edward had made her a vampire already, these accidents wouldn’t be happening. Carlisle reveals that the reason Edward refuses to change her is that he believes vampires don’t have a soul and therefore no chance for an afterlife.

While Bella dismisses the Jasper incident as a minor family quarrel, Edward is visibly shaken and withdraws emotionally from Bella. On a walk in the woods, he tells her he wants a safe, human life for her, which is why he and his family are leaving town – without her. “It will be as if I’d never existed” (3.193), he says, and takes off.

Are you guys excited??

November 12, 2009

Weirdest dream ever (Part Three)

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Episode 2 (continued)

So, while I was buying the water, my family was actually having fun riding in ghost trains and other roller coasters and I couldn’t go because I was buying water. Suddenly, I find myself waiting in line for something and I see a sign posted on the wall facing me that says: Estelle Collard, we have already checked your ID, you may take the first place in line. I didn’t actually do it but that what it said.

I think it’s some time later after that, and I’m with my mom. The cashier from earlier comes and tells me I owe her money. She shows me a big rectangular metal “coin” that has a value of one dollar. She tells me it’s a fake and shows me why. I see that it’s fake but I hadn’t given it to her on purpose. Anyway, she threaten to call the police, etc. Then my money comes with her arms full of bills and gives it to her. There’s obviously a lot of money there and the cashier stares at it without saying anything. My mom and I both understand she’s going to accept the bribery and we ask her with a big smile: “So, what are you gonna do with all that?”.


So this is basically the end of the dream. I might have left out some unimportant things but they are a bit to vague to describe. An interesting thing is that I actually remember very well what the people said in that dream. Usually, I get what they mean, I just can’t remember them talking. Also, I switched a few times between French and English during it; usually, I can’t tell whether it was in English or French.

Any thoughts on this? Do you have any good or interesting dreams?



November 10, 2009

The weirdest dream ever (Part Two)

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So, after the introduction to Saudi Arabia, I find myself there on vacation with a few members of my family.

After this the events don’t really have chronological order, so I’ll try to keep it clear.

Episode 1

So, I am in a very small town/village in Saudi Arabia and someone tells me the population of the entire country is 1000 people. The real population of Saudi Arabia is almost 29 million ( I didn’t know anything about Saudi Arabia before my dream so I did some research).Then, a woman (from there) starts talking to me. She tells me she loves shopping. I ask her if they have many stores because I have a really hard time imagining a country of 1000 people with enough stores to really go shopping. She tells me there are many stores for tourists so she can shop there (I’m not sure the real Saudi Arabia is a very touristic destination lol).

Episode 2

I am with my family( still in Saudi Arabia) and I want to buy something to drink ( we are inside some public building, I think). I see a fridge (the kind you see in grocery stores (you can see what’s inside)). I walk towards it and tell my family I’m going to buy something. One of the kids (in reality, she’s not a part of my family but she reminds me of a kid I used to know when I was little) yells: “Buy some soda”. One of the moms( don’t know exactly who) says that no one is allowed to drink soda because dinner will be served soon. So, I see a bottle of water at 1.60 ( dollars or euros). I take it and count the exact amount of money (all coins) to give to the woman who is the cashier, I guess. She tells me that I need to put them in a sort of bucket that evaluates the amount of money( some toll booths have that). I put my coins in there and it reads an amount inferior to the one I had given. She tells me I need more but I say no and show her the coins. She tells me there must be something wrong with the machine and lets me have the water.

episode Two to be continued later.

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